Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Let’s get real. Working in the legal services industry is challenging for so many reasons. Real issues are often, but now always, compounded by to be nice, “animated personalities.” The situations and conditions we work under can be tense at times, (again, not always), and the real test of a firm’s ability to play in this arena is simply, how we conduct ourselves when other’s aren’t playing nice, when faced with deadlines or last minute assignments that may seem to be unrealistic to us, but in reality,  could be situations on the client’s side where potentially millions of dollars can be at risk.

Add to this, many of the folks we interact with, have lots on their plates. Whether it’s multiple caseloads, cranky judges, or even the stress of bringing new business into a firm. It may be personal as well. We don’t know, perhaps there are clients who lack proper sleep due to workloads or a small child that stays up most of the night. The reasons may be many, but they’re none of our business.

This is where it gets real. 

We are NOT part of the legal team. We are in a support capacity. 

The “Customer Isn’t Always Right” be it’s not our job to point it out. How we handle difficult situations is the real test of a firm’s character and their badge of honor to work in this arena.

Now, a plug for ARG Legal Video. We’ve had years, well in fact, decades of experience working with very high-profile people in very public situations. (my resume is available upon request and includes the names of well-known celebrities, politicians and addresses that include Rockefeller Plaza in NYC and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, (you know, that quint building in Washington, DC), and the list continues on.

So, what does this mean from a business standpoint? It means if you hire ARG Legal Video to handle your assignment in Houston, Texas, you’re getting so much more than just a recorded deposition. You’re getting assurance that if something does go wrong, it will be handled properly. After all, it’s your firm’s reputation we’re representing to all the people in the room.

So, this is the real deal for 2019. Too much? Let us know. The hits will keep on coming. Regards to all.

Technology Update

What a great feeling it is to shoot commercial/broadcast grade video using three-point lighting using new LED technology. Gone are the days of tripping circuit breakers in order to power 1200 watt quartz lamps in Lowell light kits.

Of course in legal video, there are no lights so we're were happy to welcome a new project that takes us back to our broadcast television roots. And yes, we still shoot video depositions too.

Our cameras roll (actually, thanks to advances in technology they don't even roll any longer) so, our cameras record all week long for various clients and different types of video assignments. We enjoy the variety. ARG Legal Video Houston.  

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A quick hello

So, you're headed to Houston, Texas to take a video deposition? ARG Legal Video is the only company to call. A majority of law firms and legal services companies from around the country hire us to handle their assignments here in Texas. 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

There are a number of legal video firms in Houston., Most offer similar services so how does one know who to choose?

Whether you are an out of town firm with projects to cover here in Texas, or a local law firm, We have some ideas for you to ponder.

We call what follows

"The ARG Legal Video Way"

Was your original request for service promptly responded to?

Was the estimated cost for service clearly communicated to you?

Did the Videographer advise upon arrival at the deposition location?

Was the Videographer on-time and did the testimony recording begin as planned?

Did the Videographer and Court Reporter work well together? Did the Videographer have an audio connection available for the CSR?

Were client and opposing counsel testimony order forms properly distributed and where necessary, signatures obtained?

DId the Videographer leave the room in the same condition as found upon arrival?

Did you receive final project elements in a timely manner, either same day or within 24 hours?

Was supporting paperwork neatly prepared and easy to understand?

Was final project invoicing within line of your original expectations?

Upon review of the actual video footage: Was the audio quality exceptional, video framing pleasing, and color balance correct?

Were your firm’s technical specifications adhered to? I.e color of background, time and date on screen, recording format, running time length of files, proper read-on and end of deposition on the record remarks?

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Start of Day - Another in our series of Legal Video Deposition "Best Practices." This title will be of interest not only to Attorneys, but also to those with the task of scheduling such assignments.

ARG Legal Video provides coverage for many national firms who have assignments in Houston and all parts of Texas.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

A Pizza in 30 Minutes Perhaps, but not a Legal Video Deposition.

Technology brings so much to our field of vision. Consumer goods bought with point click and ship arrive in some cases the same day, (Amazon has one-day delivery now in Houston), a ride to the airport is a few screen strokes away, and of course, hot pizza is almost essentially around the corner.

Providing legal videography services in Houston, Texas brings me face to face once and a while with popup and/or ASAP assignments. Aiming to please my clients, I will try to accommodate last minute assignments but I'm first to admit, it may not be a practice I will continue to follow.

First, let's take a look at the difference between a popup and an ASAP rush assignment. To my right mind the definition of a popup is when I get a call or text the night before an assignment or a request for my services several hours in advance on the same day. A request to cover a deposition received at 9 or 10 AM for a 2PM start is clearly a popup. If the calendar is clear, I should be able to accommodate the job with plenty of time to spare. So far, life is good.

Treacherous waters emerge when the person on the other side of the phone or text asks. "How soon can you get to XYZ?" This is never good and I liken it the same horror I've felt a few times in my life when the postman had left a notice of registered mail. Even when he was alive, it was never a letter from Ed McMahon telling me I had won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

I acquiesced to such a request just last week. After accepting the challenge and presenting the client with a number of disclaimers, i.e. traffic and city congestion issues, I provided a target time of when I'd be ready to perform the first read on.
My first mistake; I didn't clearly communicate that the target time would only be possible if I left the home office at THAT moment.
As it turned out I had to wait almost 30 additional minutes for the final go ahead. When the call came in, I was out the driveway in less than two minutes but started out being behind.

With 30 windshield minutes ahead of me, I will admit, I exceeded the speed limit a few times which in reality only used more fuel and may have picked up a minute or two at most. The risk wasn't worth it. If I had been stopped, I'd be looking at higher insurance rates, a traffic fine and the embarrassment of sitting on the roadway as the officer processed the summons. Fortunately, I never met up with law enforcement.

I did however, arrive in the vicinity of the deposition location to find a full parking garage, road and sidewalk construction and of course, a full police presence as a suspect accused of planning a terrorist attack was having his first face to face with a judge. A perfect storm of things which slowed me down.

As I made my way to the shooting location I was immediately met by security personnel who politely asked I enter through the loading area. This caused a small but very manageable delay.

When I eventually entered the office suite I was met with not a hello but "they couldn't wait." This was followed by awkward silence so I said "thank you" and left.
So what did I learn here?

There are non-negotiable standards or requirements that need to be part of every assignment

Have you ever been in an airport waiting area where fellow passengers are angry at an airline's decision NOT to fly in bad weather? How can you get upset with that? It's for your own safety. They have conditions that must be met before a plane can go in the air.

Well, so do I in Legal Video. I need time to navigate the unknowns of working in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the country. Potential construction and building delays are for me to calculate up front which is why I always leave at least three hours of time before an assignment. I have a Kindle, Iphone, and all sorts of things to keep me busy and as a result I'm never late. But that's when I am control of the schedule.

Back to "how fast can you get….." This is a time bomb. By trying to help there is the potential to get a lot of people angry along the way. Perhaps the next time it happens I'll suggest they order a pizza. I know I can't be alone on this issue. Looking forward to your thoughts

One last thought. A sign posted on the video switcher many years ago at a television studio in Washington DC read "Your failure to plan is not my emergency." Not sure why that just popped into my head.

ARG Legal Video provides video deposition services in Houston Texas. Whenever you need a Legal Videographer in Houston, Texas you can count on us. We're always on-time, technically proficient and easy to work with. We provide our services to a number of national legal support companies, court reporting and law firms of all sizes. Yes, we can travel if necessary. Please visit our website at 

Certain things are best accomplished in private. Setting up for a legal video deposition is one of them.

Without resorting to paragraphs of pure hubris, I’ll venture to say I’m fond of standards, procedures and processes. (McDonald’s clearly demonstrates how powerful this can be) I’ve built and run successful businesses by identifying issues and creating systems to get things done.

I have to chuckle when I watch the CNBC program, “The Profit” where the host often speaks of people, product and process. (I’ve been doing this for years, he is a Millionaire and has his own television show, what’s wrong with this picture?)

So, what does this have to do with the setup for a legal video deposition? Plenty. I have routines that cover everything from handling things once as I take them from my cart, to pulling chairs away from the conference table for the running of wires and power cables, placement of the backdrop, my portable folding equipment tables, (one for the gear case, the other as a desk so I can take notes on the PC during the deposition) etc.

I like to be as early as I can with at least one hour to spare as I use the remaining time, again, as part of my process to read my Kindle, glance at the newspaper and get “ready” for the proceedings.
With conference room doors closed, I often turn to my IPhone and specifically a technology podcast hosted by Leo LaPorte (The Tech Guy) to keep me company during setup. Of course, when the client or Court Reporter enters the room, I silence it immediately. With this procedure in place, I’m happy, my gear is ready, wires are neatly wrapped and I’m ready to go when the client comes in.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Just this past week an 82-year old witness and her medical entourage and Attorney arrived almost one hour early and I had to setup with them, and eventually with the Court Reporter also in place. There was plainly, no room to maneuver.  I was thrown off my game but was able to rapidly get ready for the start of the deposition which took place 30 minutes BEFORE the schedule start time. Was this fun? No, in fact, it was stressful. Of course it all worked out.

I’ve also encountered clients curious about the technical side of things and conversations often ensue around recording formats, camera specifics, editing and the rest. I readily engage in these topics when asked, but I’m often doing so while I’m up against a setup deadline and while I’m going through my own checklist of items to complete before the deposition begins. Little things like having the caption information and the corrected phonetic spelling of the witness’s name rehearsed have on a few occasions fallen through the cracks.

On one occasion an Attorney planning to open his own in-house video operation went through my gear writing down model numbers and asking my opinions about the items in my kit. Really, I can’t make this stuff up.

I’m eager to find ways to encourage those who schedule what we do to spend a few more seconds of time reviewing load-in and setup requirements with their clients. I realize it’s not about us, but we have to do a better way of communicating our needs.

So, tell me. How off-base do you think this is? Have you ever come up against similar scenarios? I’m eager to hear your feedback.

Regards to all,


ARG Legal Video - Houston.

ARG Legal Video provides video deposition services in Houston Texas. Whenever you need a Legal Videographer in Houston, Texas you can count on us. We're always on-time, technically proficient and easy to work with. Please visit our website at 

We provide our services to a number of national legal support companies, court reporting and law firms of all sizes. Yes, we can travel if necessary.